The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars

Industrial activity in the old Fiskars Ironworks (est. 1649) ceased during the 1980s. As the Fiskars Corporation grew and increasingly expanded into international markets, the ironworks could no longer house sufficiently large production units; the plants were relocated to the Billnäs Ironworks or shut down. The resident professionals moved away, houses were left uninhabited, and services withered.

The beautiful surroundings and vacant premises lured a number of craftsmen, designers and artists to the village. By 1993, more than 20 professionals in the fields of crafts, design and arts had moved there, and gradually the idea of a group exhibition grew within the community.

In 1994 a small group started setting up the first exhibition. From the beginning, the aim was to make the exhibition a broad display of craftsmanship, design and art, focusing on quality.

The first exhibition was a success with both the public and the critics. The positive response encouraged the organizers to continue and develop their concept in the years to come.

In 1996 there were already thirty professionals from diverse fields living and working in Fiskars Village, and the broadening scale of the exhibitions made it necessary to establish a firmer base for the community’s activities. The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars was founded, and a full-time executive director was appointed.

Membership has grown considerably during the years: today there are 121 members, representing just about all arts and crafts imaginable – with cabinet makers, ceramists, visual artists and industrial designers in the majority.

The aim of the Cooperative is to promote its members' businesses and industries. To this end, the Cooperative arranges exhibitions and acts as an agent for the members by selling their products and services.

The Cooperative elects a board from among its own members to work alongside the executive manager and the artistic and gallery shop committees in directing the Cooperative’s operations and development.

Over the years, the Cooperative has received significant awards for its efforts:


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