Photo: Juuso Westerlund
Photo: Pekko Vasantola
Photo: Petri Vesterinen
Photo: Salla Keskinen

Factory exhibition 19th May - 15th September 2019 at the Copper Smithy, part of the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale

ART - Howard Smith 90, an Aesthetic Research Tour exhibition is open 1.12.2018 - 3.3.2019 at Copper Smithy from Wednesday til Sunday from 12pm t0 5pm

Katja Öhrnberg, 25.8.-30.9.2018 Onoma Shop

Viivi Varesvuo, "Small landscapes", ONOMA Shop 22.8.-30.9.2018

Katri Pailos, Home & away, ONOMA Shop 23.7.-22.8.2018

This month, in the NEWLY painted white and red gallery in ONOMA Shop, we have on display Deepa Panchamia's wearable sculpture Seducer and a chance to see a preview of the short film 'Deconstruct-Reconstruct' (just completed in June 2018) that covers her recent projects. Deepa Panchamia (b. 1981) is a London born textile artist who has settled in Fiskars Village six years ago.

Ipornador: Exhibition by visual artist and painter Eeva-Kaisa Ailus in Onoma Shop's blue gallery from the 21st June until the 20th July 2018. Open during the shop opening hours. Welcome!

Painter and artist Lino Garghentino opens his new exhibition Stones & Composers at the ONOMA Shop pink gallery on Friday the 8th June from 5pm onwards. He has used mixed media in his work - oil colour, pencil and felt pen. Welcome to the vernissage!

”After the rain” is a three part project about childhood and parenthood. First two parts are now showing at ONOMA Shop blue gallery. All the prints showing at the exhibition are silver gelatin prints. Taru Samola (b. 1984 in Helsinki) is a photographer who has settled in Fiskars. Nature, humanity, analogy and alternative photographing methods are permanent elements in her work. The exhibition consists of 11 pieces and you can visit it during the ONOMA Shop opening hours Mon-Sun from 11am til 6pm. Welcome!

About Clay - pearls of European ceramic art opens in Fiskars Village on the 13th May 2018!

FISKARS VILLAGE WINNER OF CULTURE EDEN IN FINLAND COMPETITIONThe criteria for the competition is a travel destination with a new way to combine tourism and culture.The winners are various organisations in Fiskars Village: Fiskars Village Society, Onoma Cooperative of Artists, Designers and Craftsmen, Fiskars Museum, The Traders Association in Fiskars and Tako r.f.

Kosketuksia / Beröringar - RON NORDSTRÖM - Thsi exhibition shows five video pieces from 2003-2018. The exhibition run in ONOMA Shop pink gallery from 6.4. until 6.5.2018.