The criteria for the competition is a travel destination with a new way to combine tourism and culture.

The winners are various organisations in Fiskars Village: Fiskars Village Society, Onoma Cooperative of Artists, Designers and Craftsmen, Fiskars Museum, The Traders Association in Fiskars and Tako r.f.

”After the rain” is a three part project about childhood and parenthood. First two parts are now showing at ONOMA Shop blue gallery. All the prints showing at the exhibition are silver gelatin prints. Taru Samola (b. 1984 in Helsinki) is a photographer who has settled in Fiskars. Nature, humanity, analogy and alternative photographing methods are permanent elements in her work. The exhibition consists of 11 pieces and you can visit it during the ONOMA Shop opening hours Mon-Sun from 11am til 6pm. Welcome!

About Clay - pearls of European ceramic art opens in Fiskars Village on the 13th May 2018!

Kosketuksia / Beröringar - RON NORDSTRÖM - Thsi exhibition shows five video pieces from 2003-2018. The exhibition run in ONOMA Shop pink gallery from 6.4. until 6.5.2018.

OTSO is the name of the table set just arrived in ONOMA Shop! Otso means bear in Finnish and the stunning pieces are created by cabinet maker Ivan Kulvik from Kulvik Design, by using bamboo and veneer. He is happy to discuss other options too so please get in touch if you are interested to know more!

Sheep farmer and artisan Saara Kantanen is showing her work process with photos and products, in ONOMA Shop from 30th November until 31st December 2017. Her ethos is to work as ecologically as possibly by supporting sustainability and respecting the life of the animal.

Artist Eeva-Kaisa Ailus' exhibition 'Happy Island' is open in ONOMA Shop from 1.11 until 30.11.2017. You can visit the exhibition during the shop opening hours Wed-Sun 10am til 5pm. Welcome!

Next artist taking over our blue gallery is painter Katri Pailos. Her exhibition Katveessa will feature new aquarelle works from the past few years. We are celebrating the opening on 14th of September starting from 5pm. The exhibition will be open until 10th of October during Onoma Shop's opening hours. Welcome!

In our pink gallery we have composer Olli Kari's work which combines film, music and animation. This multi layer opus can be enjoyed until the middle of October during Onoma Shop's opening hours.

Onoma is taking part in Habitare. You can find us in stand 6n20.

The summer exhibition by ONOMA is called Greetings from SUOMI. It is a unique combination of locality and internationality. The exhibition is grasping the words ’Finnish, folk and domestic’ and challenging the images raised by the recognisable marks and symbols of our time.

This summer the Artist-in-residence offers a surprising exhibition to all friends of art. The Smash.Hit.Repeat exhibition shows the works of around twenty artists from ten different countries. The exhibition is open daily 11am – 6pm, July 30th – August 20th 2017. The opening of the exhibition: 29th July, 6–8 pm.

Dinner in art events are a collaboration between Ägräs Distillery, Restaurant Copper Smithy and Greetings from SUOMI- summer exhibition during the summer 2017. The dinners will be served inside the art exhibition.

Welcome to The Journey exhibition by Viivi Varesvuo in our blue gallery. The exhibition will be open till 19 July during Onoma Shop's opening hours.

Textile designer Milvi Pesari celebrates her 40th anniversary. Showing in our blue gallery are seven unique pieces featuring elements from Pesari's 40 year long career. The exhibition will be open till 21.6. during Onoma Shop's opening hours.

Onoma Shop, 23.2.-22.3. 2017 FiskarsAiR artist in residence for January-February 2017 was a Parisian artist Aurore Le Duc. Her crocheted buildings are the first objects to start forming an imaginary city. This idealistic place is the native city of Super Workaholic Girl, her "Gotham City".

Helmikuun taiteilijamme on Onoman osuuskunnan tuoreimpiin jäseniin kuuluva kuvataiteilija Päivi Alajuntti. Päivi esittelee kolmea työtään pinkissä galleriassa kahden viikon ajan, Onoman aukioloaikoina. Juhlistamme avajaisia sunnuntain 12.2. klo 16 alkaen kuplivalla - tervetuloa!

Exhibition of photographs by artist Eeva-Kaisa Ailus will be opening on the 2nd December 2016 at Gallery Zebra, Keskuskatu 90, 10300 Karis.

Lulu Halme is exhibiting her textile pieces and photographs around the theme "red", created between years 2010 and 2016. Exhibition at the small gallery in Onoma Shop 1.12. - 31.12.2016. We are open from 11am till 5pm from Tuesday till Sunday.

Christmas in Onoma Shop! Welcome to shop and enjoy the season with us, we are open Tue-Sun, 11am to 5pm. ‎

ONOMA Art, Craft & Design Olemme esillä Habitaressa, Helsingin Messukeskuksessa 7.-11.9 2016. Löydät meidät osastoilta 6m135 ja 6n118. Nähdään Messukeskuksessa!

Eeva-Kaisa Ailuksen ja Katja Öhrnbergin työhuoneilla on ollut vuoden aikana viisikymmentä ihmistä, joista on maalattu nopeita henkilökuvia. Mallit ovat kyläläisiä, eri-ikäisiä naisia ja miehiä. Maalaukset ovat esillä kesän ajan kyläläisten olohuoneessa, paikallisessa café bar Laundryssa. Eeva-Kaisa Ailus ja Katja Öhrnberg KYLÄ ELÄÄ henkilökuvia Laundry Fiskars Café Bar 14 toukokuuta 2016 alkaen.